IJMC You have GOT to read this!

                   IJMC - You have GOT to read this!

Let's see how many people already know about this one and send me an 
email telling me I've got a virus. I don't, I rather prefer not to use 
Microsoft Word any more than I have to. But if you didn't already know 
about this one, you should, because you could have just been infected. So 
read on, and I'll send another humorous post tomorrow. Probably.    -dave

According to official DoD sources, "Share Fun" virus is not a hoax. 
Do not open an e-mail with a subject of  "You have GOT to read this!". Delete
it immediately.   If you have already opened it, IBMAV or VDOC detect and
eradicate it.

Additional Notes:

A new Word Macro virus has been discovered. This is both a WORM and a
VIRUS in that it will replicate itself and e-mail itself to other users,
unbeknownst to the originator. This is not a hoax and has been verified
by McAfee and Microsoft. Information can be found at the following web
  http://www.mcafee.com/support/techdocs/vinfo/v3333.html      (and)

The mechanism used to transmit the virus is Microsoft Mail. It is not
currently known if Exchange Mail will automatically transmit the virus, but
we must assume it will.

Here is how it works:
You receive an e-mail message with the subject of "You have GOT to read
this!" When you open the attached file, a virus similar to the Concept or
Wazoo viruses attaches itself to your Word program infecting every future
document you open. Additionally, it will search your hard disk for Microsoft
Mail, select three e-mail addresses and forward the message, in your name.

What to do:
1. If you receive a message with "You have GOT to read this!" as the subject
   line, immediately delete the message. Do not open it. This is a particularly
   nasty virus that knows all the tricks of being able to open the file to
   examine the virus code. It will get you if you try to open it by any means.
2. If you get infected, delete the file NORMAL.DOT in your Word directory.
   For most users this will probably be c:\msoffice\winword. When Word starts
   up it looks for this file and will recreate it if it is missing. All macro
   viruses infect the NORMAL.DOT file. Deleting it will remove the immediate
   effect of the virus.

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