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                     IJMC - The Macarena is a Rip-Off

Not only is it a song about a woman going home with whoever dances best, 
it's a rip-off. Take this as you will, but don't tell me what you think 
about it, I personally hate the song.                              -dave

Dear Dave,

Whether you want to use the following information in the IJMC or just to
impress people is up to you but...

The Macarena is a rip-off.  

That's right.  The Macarena is just another example of stealing Classical music
and trying to make it dancible.  Elvis did it with "It's Now or Never" (Oh Solo
Mio) Billy Joel did it with "This Night" (Beethoven Pathetique Symphony) Blues
Traveler did it with "Hook" (The Pachabel Canon) and now

The Macarena.  Liosten Carefully and you'll hear Rossini.  The William Tell
overture to be precise.  Not just any part of the WIlliam Tell overture, but
the Lone Ranger part.  It is the Macarena's central chord progression following
the same changes, and just slightly resyncopated.  

I am sure both Rossini and Tonto are spinning (at 45 rpm, I might add) in their


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