IJMC The Top 15 Other Boycotts of the Southern Baptists

         IJMC - The Top 15 Other Boycotts of the Southern Baptists  
Well, ladies and gentlemen (and all you new folks from the Center of the 
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trying to make life a little easier all around...                    -dave

15> Christmas carols, for promoting gay apparel  
14> The Food Channel, because of repeated use of the terms "Beef 
    Tenderloins" and "Chicken Breast"  
13> Devils Food Chocolate Birthday Cakes--oh, what the heck, 
    birthdays, too!  
12> Richard Simmons, because "There's something just not quite 
    right about that man."  
11> McDonald's, because "They're Irish."  
10> "Poblec Skools"  
 9> No more Marilyn Manson concerts performed in Disney-owned 
 8> Pink Panther - gay or communist, hard to tell, doesn't 
 7> Warner Brothers for putting a talking, naked-from-the-waist-
    down pig in their cartoons  
 6> Ben-Gay Ointment  
 5> Marvin Gaye records  
 4> The Smithsonian's Homo Erectus exhibit  
 3> Mentos?  The *Devil's* candy!  
 2> Federal Express - no respectable company says "package" in 
 and the Number 1 Other Boycott of the Southern Baptists...  
 1> The New York Yankees, because George Steinbrenner is an 
    assho -- Uh, a wretched sinner  
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