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                       IJMC - Defenestration

I'm hoping for the day when defenestration once more becomes a household 
word meaning, "to wipe Windows off of your computer."              -dave

de.fen.es.tra.tion  n [de- + L fenestra window] 1620 : a throwing of a person
   or thing out of a window
   Patt Morrison, California Dateline; Snapshots of life in the Golden State;
   Made-for-Campaign Caper Gets Double Exposure; Home Edition., Los Angeles
   Times, 09-02-1994, pp A-3. 
   "The defenestration of Moscow: Idaho will not dignify with an
   answer--that is, file a response to--a $940,000 claim by a young San Jose
   man and his parents. The former student at the University of Idaho in
   Moscow, who was hurt when he `mooned' other students and fell out a
   window, argued in a lawsuit that the university was negligent for, among
   other failings, not warning students of the risks associated with
   upper-story dorm windows. Surely there's something in the student
   handbook about gravity and open windows, next to the warning about
   blow-dryers in the bathtub."
This Friday, the fourteenth marks the third anniversary of AWAD.  For this
week's theme, I have selected some words from AWAD archives.          -Anu
It is not only for what we do that we are held responsible, but also for 
what we do not do. -Moliere
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