IJMC One Day Of Peace

                        IJMC - One Day Of Peace

Ok, here's the last of three IJMC's at once. And for all of you who are 
now wondering how I have time to send off lotsa IJMC at once but can't 
return simple emails...well, it's Friday night and I'd like to think I've 
got a life. You'll get your replies tomorrow. G'night.              -dave

Pass it on .. . .

ONE DAY OF PEACE, January 1, 2000......

This is a concept for 24 hours where no guns are fired anywhere on earth, 
including on television!  What if for 24 hours, whosoever happens to  be 
at war on December 31, 1999, agrees that for one whole day, no guns will 
be fired? 

The silence would be golden.

And what if also, the television programmers of the world agreed not to 
air any programming which has a violent content?  A friend of (the author 
of the message) mine suggested that it will be easier to get the warring 
nations to stop firing, than it would be to get the world's television 
programmers to not air violent programming! 

At present, this ONE DAY OF PEACE concept is beginning to get further 
circlulation.  On April 6, 1997, it will be 1000 days until January 1, 
2000, an auspicious date. 

This is a thought-wave campaign.  Which is to say, the more people who 
grasp this thought, the more it comes into reality, sort of like the 
theory of the Hundredth Monkey, which I have taken to calling the Hundred

One Day in Peace, January 1, 2000...  pass it on...  expect a miracle...

I hope this letter finds everyone doing well.  Keep up the great work, 

Nima Nour

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