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                      IJMC - Israeli Army Story

This one is a little out of date by now, but still makes for an 
interesting story if you know much of anything about Israeli politics 
among religious groups. And those that don't, well, there's something 
there that you should find humorous as well.                    -dave

My Jewish sociology professor told of my class about an interesting
story coming out of Israel.  As everyone knows that jelly donuts, or
sufganiot, are big chanukah treats all over.  The chabad lubavitch have
a policy of giving out free sufganiot and chabad literature at Israeli
army bases during chanukah.  There is a lot of opposition to these
groups for many reasons including the fact that they don't serve in the
army and they are "missioninzing."  The Reform movement decided to give
free sufganiot to those who wanted them but didn't want it from the
chabadnicks.  Then the local authorities banded the Reform Jews because
they lacked the hecksher (Kosher regulations) to give out the food.  The
troop leader at the army base then accepted the donuts from the Reform
group and proceeded to give them to his troops to throw at the
Chabadnicks.  The last new report about this event included something
about the Israeli Conservative wanting to get in on the action next

Just thought you might like to know...

-Stu Botwinick
 Gratz College
 Class of 19??

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