IJMC Anyone Have One About "Bloomingdale's?"

               IJMC - Anyone Have One About "Bloomingdale's?"

Well, we shouldn't lose anyone over this post, although it does take the 
name of Jesus Christ in vain. But it is all in the name of good fun, and 
a fair punchline. Read on and enjoy, and then see what a priest thinks 
about the whole thing!                                             -dave

        Many many years ago in the town of Jeruselem lived a very nice
Jewish man, named Sam, with his wife and children. Times were hard, and this
gentleman had to work very long hours daily as a laborer to house and feed
his family. But, he real love was sewing. Although he put in long hours at
his job, he would often stay up half the night designing and making clothes.
His dream was to some day have a shop of his own where he could outfit
        One evening, as he sat sewing by lamp light, he heard a commotion
outside. When he went to look, he saw all his neighbors going to an area of
raised field, so he tagged along. There was an enormous crowd, and up on the
hill he saw a tall bearded man preaching. He was intrigued by this man, a
very eloquent speaker, the crowd was so quiet. But, thought Sam, this man
looked dusty, dirty, poorly dressed and tired. So after the sermon, Sam
managed to go speak to this man. Sam told him he was great speaker, really
holding the peoples attention, but that clothes really do help, that if he
were dressed better he would make a much better impression. Then Sam had a
great idea -- he offered to make the man, (whose name he found out was
Jesus), a new outfit, for free, if when Jesus went out on another speaking
tour, he would just happen to drop into his speech from where he got his
clothes. Jesus thought this over, saying that it was true his appearence did
need improving, after all, traveling the way he did was hard on his clothing
and that he just hadn't the time or the money to get new outfits.  And so it
was agreed.
        Jesus was to be gone on the road for another two weeks, so Sam spent
nearly every night now designing, cutting out and sewing a beautiful robe.
When Jesus was back in town, Sam took him the new outfit. And Jesus promised
to tell folks from where his new outfit had come.
        Over the next several months, people began coming to Sams house,
asking for new clothes because they had seen and admired what the man Jesus
was wearing. With orders for several complete wardrobes, Sam was able to
quit his day laborer job, and with the help of his wife, he set up a little
        A month later, Jesus was back in town and he came to Sams house. Sam
thanked him profusely and said he thought they should be partners, open up a
real shop, not just in him house. He said he would put a sign up, what did
Jesus thing of "Sam and Jesus Clothing"? Jesus thought a minute, then said,
"I think the sign should read "Lord and Taylor"

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