IJMC Predictions For 1997

                         IJMC - Predictions For 1997

Dave, this came to me via the IUMA newsletter, and I thought you might like
to see it...

...well, I have seen it, and I think the IJMC might like to see it.   -dave


 1997 Predictions...
 We've been contacting Dionne Warwick's psychic hotlines throughout 
 the month and have found these common predictions for 1997:

 -Atari 2600 comes out with Netscape Communicator 5.0 cartridge.
 -Bill Gates loses 12 billion at a craps table in Las Vegas. Ceasers 
   Palace will then take to the web and unveil Betscape 1.0 web browser
   with nightly Wayne Newton cybercasts and 99 cent all you can eat
 -The ultimate PC will be released. It will include: Food dispenser, 
   "Bye-Bye Back 2000" Recliner, Outdoor simulators, Head harness, 
   Genital cuff, Snorkel, Bedpan, Dental/Root Canal Mouth Bit, and 
   Hyperbolic Chamber.
 -Back To The Future I,II,and III will be re-released with computer
   enhancements and THX sound to dwarf the Star Wars re-release. Marty 
   McFly will be played by Fabio and the Professor will be played by 
   Snoop Dog and the Dogg Pound. 
 -"Butter flavoring" for popcorn will finally catch on and be available 
   as a fountian beverage. 
 -Web designers will realize that the traffic counters at the bottom of 
   their pages never work, provide no worthwhile information even if 
   they did work, and will stop using them.


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