IJMC Cockroach Slain, Husband Badly Hurt

                IJMC - Cockroach Slain, Husband Badly Hurt

Here's one for the Urban Legend files. Now if it is true, it just proves 
that it doesn't take all kinds, we just have all kinds...          -dave

 "Cockroach Slain, Husband Badly Hurt"
    Reuters, Tel Aviv
    An  Israeli  woman's  fight with a stubborn cockroach put her husband 
in the hospital with burns, a broken pelvis and broken ribs, the  
Jerusalem Post newspaper reported yesterday.
    The  woman,  frightened  by the insect when she found it in their 
living  room, stepped on it, threw it in a toilet and  sprayed  a  full  
can  of insecticide on it when it refused to die.
    Her husband came home from work, went to the toilet and lit a 
cigarette.  When he threw the cigarette butt into the bowl,  the  
insecticide  fumes  ignited, "seriously burning his sensitive parts," the 
Post wrote.
    When  paramedics  were  called  to the home in Tel Aviv, they laughed 
so  hard when they learned what had happened that they dropped the 
stretcher down the stairs, breaking the unidentified man's pelvis and 

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