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                       IJMC - Things To Ponder

Ok, so maybe this kind of avoided the queue, and is being sent almost=20
direct. I do that kind of thing sometimes. Like when I'm too lazy to=20
bother putting it into the queue. Oh well, I've been diagnosing ISDN, I=20
think I'm deserving of a break, whaddya say?                      -dave

1.  How do they fit all that HOT AIR into Blow Dryers?

2.  Why are Chicken Fingers called Chicken Fingers, when everyone know that
chickens don't have fingers?

3.  Why don't sheep shrink when they are washed?  Sweaters do!!!!

4.  Why does a Pickle become luminescent when 110 volts of alternating
current is passed through it?

5.  Why don't people MILK their pet dogs and/or cats?

6.  Do Oysters get bored?  How could you tell?

7.  Was God asleep when he invented Mosquitoes?  If not, what is their purp=

8.  How come Mickey Mouse is taller than his dog Pluto?

9.  We have all heard the expression, "Once in a Blue Moon".  What other
colors does the moon come in?

10.  Is there a word in the English language that rhymes with "orange"?

11.  "From the waist up or down, which half of the human body is more usefu=
to life?

12. Why is it that all of the fingers have a name, (thumb, index, middle,
ring, pinky), but the toes it's only big toes, little toe?  What are the
others called?

13.  How many miles has Arnold Palmer walked in his life?

14.  Why does Lincoln face to the right on the penny, and all the other
American coins picture their presidents facing to the left?

15.  If M&M's melt in your mouth and not your hands, what about your
underarms.  I want to test it, but.............

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