IJMC Word From Mac

                         IJMC - Word From Mac

Well, the IJMC has finally heard back from our good pal Mac. He's 
travelled the world but has hardly made it out of the state (not counting 
that one trip to hell, for you die-hard IJMC'ers). He's in bad shape, so 
if someone would care to pick him up and put him in a .sig heading 
somewhere nicer, I think he'd like it.                              -dave

    This is Mac lately. We thought our .SIG wasn't       ||||| 
    quite thrilling enough, so we put him on the        ( x x ) 
    front bumper of an unsuspecting police car in    -oOOo-U-oOOo- 
    Gwinnett County, GA. He seemed pretty happy until
    that high speed chase. When the rain came, he got 
    real dirty, fell off and got run over several 
    times. Next time we'll use a better adhesive so 
    Constable Mac will get to chase bad guys again.

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