IJMC Shopping Time

                        IJMC - Shopping Time

This was sent to me and it reads nicely. It even finished _Moby Dick_ in 
less than a day! So read on, and then go do some shopping. Me? I'll be 
swimming with the fishies...                                       -dave

Morning Dave and "Happy Thanksgiving".  Say a friend of mind sent this to
me, I thought this was the right time of the year to pass it along.  The
author is unknown .

Well friend, thank you for your contributions to my everyday life, gotta go

***********Inventory Checklist*************

I've got a shopping list of some items all of us need.

The first thing I'd like to do is exchange some "self
righteousness" I picked up the other day for some
humility, which they say is a lot less expensive
and wears much better.

I saw that one store was advertising a "thank you"
sale. After looking into it, I realized that my  "thank
you supply was very inadequate.

Someone showed me some pretty samples of "peace"
the other day they picked right before Christmas last 
year. Hey, we're in uncertain times. I'm sure that we 
could all use more "peace". I don't know about you,
but my inventory of "peace" is dangerously low.

I'd also like to try to match some "patience" that my
neighbor wears. He seems to always have it on, and
he looks fantastic. I'm thinking it might look  good on me.
I have worn "patience" before, and worn it well, but it 
always seems to wear out; this time I'll get a big supply.

Maybe I'll try on that little garment "long suffering" I
never thought I wanted to wear. You know, I feel myself
coming to it.

And while I'm out, I must not forget to pick up a little 
sense of "appreciation". It's been used up, and I don't
feel right when I don't have an adequate supply.

finally, I'll be looking around for some good old-
fashioned "everyday goodness". It's surprising
how quickly one's stock of "goodness" is depleted.

How about it? Would you like to go shopping
with me?

              PETE COMBS

                     {^ ^}
            ---- oooO-(_)-Oooo-----

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 How many years SOME of us have to spend in this world before we
          realize that WE are not the center of observation?
                            -- E.V. Lucas

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