IJMC Springfield Happens

                      IJMC - Springfield Happens

At 10:45pm, I intend to go downtown to spend far too much money on booze. 
What has become of me? Well...my sister turned 21 years old today, and it 
has fallen to me and a few of my stalwart friends to teach her how to 
drink properly. So we shall. If I fail to post an IJMC tomorrow, just 
grin and bear it...and someone send me some aspirin.                -dave

The episode on TV last night concerned the possible deportation of Apu, the
convenience store grocer. While much of the night was devoted to a recap of
Apu's life, I found it interesting that he at one point in his life attended
"Springfield Heights Institute of Technology".

My hat goes off to the writer who thought of that acronym, and managed to get
it by the network sensors.

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