IJMC This is Really Really Funny

                   IJMC - This is Really Really Funny

Or so the submitter says. Read what he had to say, I'm going to go watch 
Trading Places.                                                    -dave

this is really really funny

to undersand the humuor u have to have done gynae wrt contraception
 afew pts to remember are as follows
 rythm method-usina calendar to det when female ovulates
  i think dutch cap is using adouble mode of contraception(condon and 
  coil is the loop

Dear Doc

I am writing to enquire into the possibility of my having a vasectomy 
operation.  My wife and I have been married for seven years and now 
have seven children, so you can see that we are now desperate.

We have tried various methods of contraception, all to no avail.  We 
were first advised to try the Rhythm Method but despite trying 
everything from Waltz to a Rumba, my wife still became pregnant and I 
nearly suffered a permanent injury while trying the Cha-Cha-Cha.

We were also advised to try the "Safe Period" Method and as we were 
at that time living with in-laws, the only safe time for intercourse 
was while they were out.  Despite this she again became pregnant.

A "Dutch Cap" was the next suggestion but this again we found 
unsuccessful and an added disadvantage was that despite getting the 
largest size available, my wife found it very tight across the 
forehead which gave her headaches.

We have also tried a "Condom" but I had no faith in this from the 
start despite a demonstration by the Chemist on how to put it on.  My 
wife again became pregnant and I still cannot understand what effect 
a condom rolled on the thumb could possibly have to prevent 

The "Pill" also proved useless as it kept falling out until we 
realised we were using it incorrectly and my wife then held the pill 
between her knees and this effectively prevented any intercourse at 

We have tried the "Coil" but found this impossible to use as all the 
coils are of a left-hand twist and my wife is a right-handed screw.

"Coitus interruptus" has been mentioned but we had a very unfortunate 
experience of this while we were courting.  While performing on the 
backseat of my car we were interrupted at a most inopportune moment 
by a patrolling policeman.  This resulted in our first pregnancy, 
only just preceded by our marriage.

As you can understand we are at the end of our tether and if the 
operation is unsuccessful we shall have to resort to Oral sex, but 
what enjoyment there can be in just sitting and talking about it, I 
don't know!


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