IJMC Copyright Violation

                     IJMC - Copyright Violation

This doesn't count as junk mail, but it deserves attention. I received 
this in response to last night's email (gotta love the speed of the 
Internet! I publish yesterday and hear about it today!). I forward this 
message to you mostly for informative purposes and as a mention for 
anyone who wishes to submit items for the International Junk Mail 
Clearinghouse. And don't worry, your humor follows shortly.       -dave

Hi Dave

Not sure if you're familiar with "This is True", my syndicated newspaper
column.  It's also available on the net -- copyrighted.  I ask readers to
watch out for copyright violations and let me know.  The attached text
from IJMC is an example of such violation.  I do fully understand that
this was submitted to you by someone who stripped off my attribution and
copyright information, so I have no need or cause to come down on YOU
about it.  But I hope you'll note to your readers that such infringement
is Not A Good Thing (it's theft, actually); additionally, I hope you'll
watch out for my style of formatting, which is "SHORT HEADLINE: story text
of a bizarre-but-true happening covered in the press. (attribution) 
...tagline commentary."  (I notice the headline was deleted from this
story.)  If you get submissions in this format and want to check whether
it's mine or not, please feel free to e-mail it to me; I'll get back to
you right away. 

If you'll supply the "actual" address of the submitter, I'll be happy to
talk to HIM about it too.  Thanks much.  Cheers.

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