IJMC Another Visit to St. Peter's Gates

                IJMC - Another Visit to St. Peter's Gates

I wonder if as many stories exist about the entrance to heaven as exist 
about the different varieties of heaven? Enough of them have passed over 
my electronic desk, that is for sure!                              -dave

A man, while driving home one evening from a dinner with his wife, is 
involved in a terrible car accident.  The man dies on the scene.

The man, after a short journey through a dark tunnel with a bright light 
at the end, finds himself at the gates of heaven.  St. Peter is awaiting 
his arrival at the gates, and hails him towards the entrance to heaven.

"Sir, you have proved yourself to be a kind and generous soul.  You 
are worthy to pass through these gates.  I ask only one thing of you:  
spell this one simple word, which embodies all of which you must embrace, 
and you may enter.  That word is 'love'."

"Love???" the man quips, "Love?  That's easy.  L-O-V-E"

And St. Peter opens the pearly gates, letting the man step inside.

Just as the man steps into the realm of heaven, St. Peter's beeper goes 
off.  It seems that his attention is needed by the holiest on high, and 
he must attend an ad hoc meeting.

"Excuse me, newcomer," says St. Peter, "could you please watch the gates 
whilst I meet with God?  All I ask of you is that you let no one in 
unless they spell the word correctly.  This will take but a few minutes."

"Sure Pete," the man replies.  And St. Peter vanishes into thin air, 
leaving the man with a bright, silver key to the gates.

A few moments later, the man's wife appears in front of the gates.  
"Hello dear" she says.

"What are you doing here?" the man asks.

"Well, they rushed me to the hospital, and for awhile it seemed as though 
I might pull through, but I wasn't so lucky.  Died of internal 

The man, following the instructions of St. Peter, tells her, "My beloved, 
in order for you to pass through the gates of heaven, you only need to 
spell one simple word."


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