IJMC Desert Love

			  IJMC - Desert Love

Ok, so the title's stretching it for the joke. The joke's stretching it
as a joke. If you're faint of heart or mind, and have problems with 
sexual humor or four letter words, well, find another mail list. I'm 
going to go try to sleep now, and perhaps be more coherent tomorrow.

	A sex-starved Arab lived in the desert with his camel.  He hadn't
seen any women for years, so every night he'd try to mount his camel.  He'd
stand the camel up, and take a running jump at it.  But every time he
reached the camel, with his dick inches from the camel, the camel would
move away.  This happened every night for years.  The camel would move just
at the end of the Arab's run-up.  
	One day, the Arab was riding about when he found a young woman in
the desert, hungry and thirsty.  He took her back to his tent, gave her
food, drink, a bath, and she turned out to be a real beauty. 
	She came up to him one night and said, "I'm so grateful for
everything you've done for me, I'll do anything for you.  Name it." 
	"Okay," said the Arab.  "Could you possibly come outside and hold
the camel for me?" 

        [ed. note - Go for the girl, you dope, go for the girl! G'night all]

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