IJMC Privacy Issue

		       IJMC - Privacy Issue

Ok, there is an error in the below message. I called and had my name 
removed (if you call, you want option 4-other questions). I also asked a 
few questions of my own. They claim that "mother's maiden name" is 
incorrect, what it is instead is "maiden name" for those who changed 
their names upon marriage. They do also have telephone numbers and 
previous addresses (they had 3 out of 5 addresses for me, and two different 
name listings under the same S.S. number...). So it's up to you if you 
want to call or not. I don't care so much since mother's maiden name 
isn't on their, although the phone number kinda bugged me...          -dave


There is a Lexis database called either ptrax or ptrak that Lexis is
advertising as containing the names, current addresses, Social Security
numbers, and mother's maiden names of 300 million people.

This may include you.  It did include my wife and me, but not our

If you want to get this information removed from Lexis' database, call
800.543.6862, give them your Social Security number (to see if it's in the
database) and, if it is, ask them to remove your file from the database.
Lexis has given different answers to the different people who've called in,
but a common version given is that they're compiling a list of people
who want to be removed, and Lexis will remove those names within 30 days.

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