IJMC Technician's Nightmare

                       IJMC - Technician's Nightmare

I have to say as I associate with this one, although the author should 
not have known that when he wrote that. And no, I don't assume every 
technician has heard about my computer, I just happen to have known the 
author before...so Dave, if you're reading this, drop a line.

P.S. The founder of the IJMC, Michael Ivey, is having a birthday on 
Thursday (don't email me about it, he's at ivey@gsu.edu). Why do you 
care? You don't, unless you're going to be in Atlanta on Friday. That's 
right, you're all invited to his birthday bash. So drop him (or I guess me
on this one) a line if you wish to attend.

P.P.S. Quake is out. Why are you reading this? you should be having your 
brains blown out and be told "DaveyBoy becomes bored with his life"! Now 
get to it!                                                           -dave

Subject: Technician's Nightmare
Author:  David Gallatin at Atlanta
Date:    12/15/95 2:08 PM


     "Ok, sir, what kinda of system do you have?"

     "Well, I have a Packard Bell Legend 2017 with a 286 to 486 hop-up
     processor, I have 2 megabytes of memory but I'm using QEMM as my
     memorry manager and I have MAGNARAM so I have 4 megabytes. My 80
     megabyte HD is divided into three partitions, one is a regualar
     partition, one is a 10 megabyte compressed partition with Drivespace
     and the other is a 30 megabyte partition using Stacker version 1.1a. I
     have a single speed mitsumi CD-ROM drive and an 8 bit Galaxy sound
     card that I got with the machine.  I also have an NEC 21' multisynch
     monitor with an OAK VGA card. Why? Why do you think something is wrong
     with my system? I've never had any other problems with any other
     multimedia software!"

     "Sir... Do you own a gun?"

     "Yes.. why do you want to know that?"

     "Well sir, my suggestion is for you to take that monstrosity you call
     a computer to the backyard of your house and put it out of it's

     "No! you're gonna sit here with me and tell me why I'm getting a
     General Production fault in module Body4win.exe and why I keep getting
     page faults and why it constantly says it cannot read from drive Z:
     which is my compressed drive using STACKER!!"

     "Sir... shoot your computer.. please.. for the sake of mankind, just
     shoot it."

     "NONONONONO!!!!!! Tell me why I can't run your program on my ........"


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