IJMC The Zen of Dumb Jokes

                     IJMC - The Zen of Dumb Jokes

Would anyone better versed in this philosophy care to figure out the Zen 
of the IJMC? Make it good and see your name on the IJMC within days! And 
if that's not tempting enough, too bad, I'm not offering more!     -dave

	The Zen buddists say that the reason they toss out all of those weird 
little sayings of theirs, you know, "what is the sound of one hand 
clapping?" (incidently the answer is half as loud as two.) Any way the 
reason they're always saying that stuff is that in that moment between 
hearing the paradoxical statement and refusing the paradox (this is 
blockage) there is a moment of not just wonder, but also devine 
understanding.  That moment is the heart of zen.  
	I would argue that the same is true of dumb jokes.  There is a 
space in time between when you hear the dumb joke, and the moment you 
realize that you would be an ass to find it funny, when it is--in 
fact--really funny.  Durring that moment all thing in the universe seem 
slightly goofy, you are humorously enlightened. If you can figure out a 
way of maintaining that moment infinately (as I have) everything seems a 
bit strange and humorous to you all the time.

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