IJMC Sick Bunny Joke

			IJMC - Sick Bunny Joke

I'll let one of the many people who forwarded this one around let you 
know a bit more about it. So read on!				-dave

{forwards obliterated}

Disclaimer: This message contains (non-violent) references to a 
deceased bunny rabbit. More sensitive readers might want to delete this 
without reading further. I thought the rest of you might get a chuckle 
out of it.
<forwards deleted>

 I heard this while getting a hair cut.

 A man came home from work to find his dog running joyously around the 
back yard with the neighbors fluffy white rabbit clutched in it's jaws.
  Panicked, the man retrieved the rabbit, but it was too late.  The 
rabbit was muddy, dog slobber covered, and obviously dead.
  The man debated a moment and then formed a plan of action.  He took 
the dead rabbit inside and cleaned it up.  He even blow-dried it to 
re-fluff it's fur.  Then, under cover of darkness, he sneaked next door 
and put the dead rabbit back in it's cage.
  The next day he walked into his back yard and noticed the neighbor 
lady standing near the fence.
  She said to him, "You know, we had a death in the family."
  He swallowed and answered, "Really?  Who died?"
  "Fluffy, and it was just horrible.  Can you believe it?  Somebody dug 
her up and put her back in her cage!"

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