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And what more of an introduction does it need than this?        -dave

Subject: Re: IJMC - St. Clare of Assisi

Well Dave, I must say that I didn't get it.  But if your looking for junk 
mail I came up with this morning during my hangover...


At Syracuse University, located in Upstate New York, there is a most 
peculiar athletic building, called Manley Field House.  After weeks of 
research, our team of experts discovered that the building was in fact 
used by the school's football team and its name was chosen from a long list 
of candidates.  The following are some of the more lucid rejections...

T O P   T E N   R E J E C T E D   N A M E S

10) The Women's Building

 9) Priscilla, Queen of the Desert House

 8) Marselis Wallace's House of Pain

 7) The Not-so-Manley Field House

 6) House of Girly Men and Flabby Babies

 5) Wilke's Meat Market

 4) The "Tool"shed

 3) Butthead's (think about it)

 2) Castle Greyskull

And the number one rejected name for Manley Field House..  'ROIDS

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