IJMC I Want a New Drug

			IJMC - I Want a New Drug

...I want a new drug...one that makes me feel like I feel when I'm with 
you...(thanks to Huey Lewis)...this article makes me wonder if I ought to 
have said yes years ago when my therapist asked me if I wanted to be 
placed on medication...to have been one of the lucky 5%?! YES!      -dave

Don't you love what drugs can do for you?

Yawn...A drug has its high point


LONDON - An antidepressant drug is giving some patients an uplifting bonus:
When they yawn, they have an orgasm.  ANd some patients who are over their
depression have asked doctors to allow them to go on taking the tablets
because of the side effect, British newspapers reported yesterday.

The newspapers quoted a scientific study published in the latest edition of
New Scientist magazine.

"One woman, better after being depressed for three months, wanted to keep
taking the tablets. She even found she could experience an orgasm by
deliberately yawning," the report was quoted as saying.

The report said 5 percent of patients taking the drug clomipramine had
noticed the side effect, which had also been noticed by people taking
another drug, Prozac. Normally, both drugs inhibit sexual desire.

The finding could herald a new era in relationships, the newspapers said.
"People who experience it would presumbably actively seek out the most
boring person they could find at parties," they quoted the magazine as saying.

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