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If you all are reading this, then Netcom has figured out which end is up. 
For those who have written to say thanks for the IJMC you are all 
welcome. For those of you who added that things have been slipping the 
past month or so, you are right, but it is out of my hands. The Majordomo 
server that runs the IJMC decided about a week ago that we no longer 
existed. I say "pah!" And since you read that I say "pah" then Netcom 
listened. Confused yet? 

Well, with luck you have read this and you are now eagerly looking 
forward to reading the IJMC I tried to send out LAST WEEK. And without 
luck, I've just read this part again as I try to find anyone working at 
Netcom. Thanks and have a wonderful day. 

One last thing. If any of you are on Compuserve, I need a file from 
there. It is a MS-DOS utility called Zany Dir (zdir21.zip possibly) 
version 2.1, uploaded about a year ago...if anyone gets me that (I 
already have version 2.0, don't try) I'll give you special mention in the 
IJMC and mebbe even put a picture of you on the web site (and if I'm in a 
really good mood, I'll even let you pick the picture!). Thanks all, and 
do continue to enjoy the IJMC, you're why it's here.

<grumble at Netcom>

   <grumble at Netcom>

	<sic Mac on Netcom>

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