IJMC Honest Chain Letter

                      IJMC - Honest Chain Letter

This one isn't as good as the "Anti-Chain Letter" but it isn't bad 
either. Just read on while I consider donning my asbestos suit.     -dave

  Pass this note on!!!!! Do not discard!!!!!
  This paper has been sent to you for no particular reason.  The 
  original is in some place on my desk I think.  It has been around 
  the world once.  You will revise average luck within four days after 
  receiving this letter and should send it on if the mood strikes you. 
   Send this note to people that you think should get it, only if you 
  find the time.  Do not send money to these people, unless you owe 
  them some cash from the bar or last weeks lunch.  DO NOT KEEP THIS 
  NOTE unless you want your luck to remain the same, otherwise it will 
  remain the same.  A Pan American Officer got this note and forwarded 
  it on, 3 days later he found his TV remote in the same place he left 
  it before embarking on a flight!  While in the Philippines, Can lost 
  his wife in the supermarket for 15 minutes because he did not send 
  this letter on.  Please send 20 copies of this letter to various 
  people and see what happens.  It might amaze you!!! But then again I 
  doubt it will.  Do note that Joe Williams of Hicksville Ohio 
  received this letter and sent it on to his friends, 5 days latter he 
  found his car keys in a coat he hadn't worn since the day before!  
  Last fall this letter was received by a lady in California... she 
  placed the note in a folder in her e-mail box and failed to forward 
  it on in time... she was plagued with every day problems... the same 
  ones that always struck her... she the realized that she never sent 
  this note on, after doing so she bought a new car!
  SEND NO MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  DO NOT IGNORE THIS NOTE, unless you feel like it.

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