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                        IJMC - Pave the Earth!

Yep. That's all this planet needs is a good nuke'n'pave job. Figure this: 
you would never need a parking space again. 4x4's would be silly. And 
think of the rollerblading potential! Oh well, maybe not this year. -dave

Here's something published in our local
newspaper, The Log Cabin Democrat, on Aug 22, 1996, p 10:

Headline: Workers Pave Over Dead Deer

Andreas, PA (AP)-- Workers repairing a stretch of roadway paved straight
over a dead deer that one official says was hard to miss.

A gooey spread of oil and rocks covers the deer's head, neck and shoulders
along Route 895.

"The deer was lying there dead for three to four weeks," said Keith Billig,
mayor of nearby Bowmanstown, about 65 miles northwest of Philadelphia. "I
never saw anything like that before in my life."

It is against state policy to pave over a deer, said Walter Bortree, a
Pennsylvania Department of Transportation engineer.

"We do not routinely oil and chip over deer kill," Bortree said. "If in fact
the deer was in the work area, it should have been removed before the work
was done."

Bortree said the private contractor that did the work for the state probably
missed seeing the deer because it was on the edge of the road.

But Billig said the animal is in plain view.

"You can't miss it," he said. "It's in a straightaway. If they couldn't see
it, then they can't see the numbers of their checks either."

Note this happened in PENNSYLVANIA. Here in Arkansas, all we do is stripe
over a possum now and then.

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