IJMC Los Angeles Nights

			IJMC - Los Angeles Nights

I've got to say, it's better than the redub on the Aladdin videocassette!

Los Angeles Nights [to be sung to the tune of Arabian Nights]

Oh, I come from L.A., it's a dangerous place,
where the freaks and the gang bangers roam.
Where a shot in the night is a regular sight, It's barbaric [but, hey,
 it's home].
When there's smog from the north and graffiti on the walls and the 
bums & the garbage smell ripe,
come on down. Stop on by. Jack a car and drive-by, in another Los 
Angeles night.
Los Angeles nights, like Los Angeles days! Where the weather is hot 
and the bodies are not [in a lot of bad ways]. 
Los Angeles nights, with Los Angeles quakes! You can be in a riot, so 
come down and try it, just stay out of my way.
                                                --Alicia Nieves

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