IJMC - IBM Buys the IJMC

Oh, whoops, that's supposed to read, "IBM Buys Lotus." Don't mind my 
visions of grandeur or getting paid to do this...just enjoy!   -dave

The Top 10 Reasons IBM Bought Lotus

10. IBM's finance group couldn't run its Visicalc spreadsheets in OS/2 Warp.
9.  IBM wants to show Micro$oft Corp. that they have better antitrust lawyers.
8.  IBM thought it was buying the car company.
7.  Lotus CEO, Jim Manzi, mooned IBM's Lou Gerstner on the Lotus Home Page.
6.  IBM's E-mail product, cc:PROFS, never caught on.
5.  It was the easiest way to aquire copies of Windows 95.
4.  Bill Gates double-dared Lou Gerstner.
3.  Lotus Warp rymes with basketball guard Otis Thorpe.
2.  IBM will rename Lotus' spreadsheet program 1-2-3 Billion.
1.  The Notes server in Armonk is down.

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