IJMC The Real World Isn't Always Nice.

		IJMC - The Real World Isn't Always Nice.

Not everything the IJMC sends out is funny. This one falls into that 
non-funny category. Read this one carefully, and think about it.   -dave


        And if they didn't tell you, I will.  There are people in this
world who will hurt you.  Sometimes very consciously, and sometimes
without realizing.  So wake up.  You've lived in the same dorm with these
people since September.  That nice boy, Eric wouldn't do anything to hurt
you.  He has animal posters on his wall, and a little sister he adores.
Maybe you're right, maybe you're wrong.  Why take the chance?  Imagine the
following scenario...
        He knocks on the door.  She doesn't really know him well, but her
friends party with him often.  So, she smiles and settles back onto her
bed as he walks in.  They chat.  He is drunk and sometimes funny.  Without
thinking, she rubs her shoulders because they're tense and sore from the
hours spent writing that paper last night.  He notices and offers to give
her a massage.  " How sweet of him," she thinks as he stammers on about his
high school.  "He's a little drunk but entertaining. "  Her shoulders feel
better, so she pulls away.  He politely gets up and moves back to the desk
chair as she leans against her pillows, knees pulled against her chest.
All so innocent.  Such normal behavior in a dorm on this small campus.  So
what is it that made him get off the chair?  Sit on the edge of her bed?
Lean over and kiss her?  Perhaps she kissed him back.  " He was a nice guy,
so why not?"  And it was fine.

               Then she tried to get up.

               Then she tried to get him off.

        Maybe she screamed.  Maybe she kicked.  And punched and
cried.  Maybe she didn't.
        But he never got off.  And quietly he whispered into her
ear.  Pressure.  She stops struggling, and lies still.  Head, empty.  He
moves with confidence, control.  " There's a crack in my ceiling,"  she
thinks.  With a groan he rolls off her.  Smiles.  His eyes say, "There
now.  That wasn't so bad, was it?"  Like a doctor after an injection.  He
leaves.  She picks up her book, and watches the words as they float in her
tears.  And she is scared.
        And I was scared as I listened.  And a week later, it
happens again.
        Same guy.  Same girl.  Just another quiet night in the dorm.

        She never SAID no.  But he never asked.  Because he didn't care.
This happens every day and every night, to people you know, by people you
know. The guy may be sober, the girl may be drunk.  But we all learned
in kindergarten--ask before taking, and don't touch what isn't yours.  And
women --Yes is Yes, and No is NO.  Please don't continue the legacy of
mixed signals.

       This is a chain letter.  Send one to the people you care
about, or are afraid of.  In any school, in any country.
       Please write the name of your school at the bottom, and place
an X beside it if someone you know has been a victim of assault or rape.
And please, don't be afraid to say no, regardless of your gender.  Just 
saying " No " won't always work, but it's a start.

       X  Tufts University
       X  Cornell University
       X  Princeton University
       X  University of Delaware
       X  University of Delaware
       X  Rutgers University
          Bryn Mawr College
          Massachusetts Institute of Technology
       X  Alfred University
       X  Alfred University
       X  Alfred University
       X  Alfred University
          Yale University
       X  Yale University	
          Dickinson College
       X  Maureen Letzkus
       X  Brown University
       X  Harvard University
       X  University of Wisconsin-Madison
       X  Antioch College
       X  Earlham College
       X  University of NC at Greensboro
       X  University of NC at Greensboro  
       X  Carnegie Mellon University
       X  Oberlin College
       X  University of NC at Chapel Hill  +-O O-+
	  Georgia Institute of Technology

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