IJMC High School Woes.

			IJMC - High School Woes.

Ever had one like this? If so, I feel really sorry for ya...anyway, quick 
apology for missing the subject on last night's mailing. My service just 
upgraded the email program I use (pine) and the script missed a line, 
placing a blank subject line. Hopefully everything goes well with this one.
In any event, enjoy the humor while I work out the bugs!	      -dave

	This high school kid finally gets a date with the hottest chick in
his school, so he decides to go to the pharmacist to buy condoms. He builds
up his courage and walks up to the counter and says, "Can I have a three-pack
of condoms? I have a really hot date tonight." The pharmacist nods and puts
the box on the counter. The kid thinks again and says, "You know, better make
it two packs, this chick is really hot." Again the pharmacist nods and puts
down another box. Our hero pays for the condoms and leaves the store.
        Now he's so excited about the date that he shows up at the chick's
house an hour early. When his date answers the door she says, "You know
you're kind of early, we're just about to eat dinner. You're welcome to join
us though." So as there eating dinner, our hero is acting kind of strange. He
keeps looking at the ceiling and reciting prayers.
        After dinner, as they're leaving for the date, the hot babe turns to
our hero and says, "You know, I had no idea you were so religous."
        "Yeah, well I had no idea that your dad was a pharmacist!"

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