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			IJMC - Administrivia

We've got an Administrivia from the founder and still Web champion 
tonight, so sit back, relax, and enjoy...		     -dave

[oh yeah, as a bribe, there's funny stuff at the end...so read it!]

			  - Administrivia -

Hey gang!  Sorry I haven't been doing many updates to the page.  I'm working
on some new stuff, new ideas.  Finals were not that bad, but work dragged
at the end of the quarter.  
Drop me a line and tell me what you're doing for the summer!  I wanna put 
a section on the page with info about some of our subscribers, (someday!) 
so let me hear from you.  Remember, it's shroom@crl.com.  

Anyway, here's a neat thing i picked up outta the shit-rag magazine 99X 
sends out every month.  Enjoy. 

	<=-***If Alternative Bands Go Country***-=> 

Red Hot Chili Peppers 	-=> Red Neck Chicken Kickers 
Siouxee & The Banshees 	-=> Suzy & the Bad Sheep 
They Might Be Giants 	-=> They Might Be Cousins 
Ned's Atomic Dustbin 	-=> Ned's Diesel Dustbin 
Smashing Pumpkins 	-=> Smashing Bud Cans 
Jane's Addiction 	-=> Judd's A Drunkard 
Letter's to Cleo 	-=> Letter's to Cletus
Cranberries 		-=> Collard Greens 
Love Spit Love 		-=> Chew Spit Chew 
Possum Dixon 		-=> Possum Dinner 
The Breeders 		-=> The Inbreeders 
Veruca Salt 		-=> Veruca Salt Lick 
Cocteau Twins 		-=> Hagger Twins 
Pearl Jam 		-=> Minnie Pearl
Jam Husker Du 		-=> Corn Husker Du 
Frank Black 		-=> Frank Colored 
Soundgarden 		-=> Soundpasture 
Portishead 		-=> Port-A-Potty 
Meatloaf 		-=> Meat & Three
Green Day 		-=> Green Acres 
Soul Asylum 		-=> Skoal Silo 
Morphine 		-=> Moonshine 
The Cure 		-=> The Recipe 
Nirvana 		-=> Near Ethel 
The Cult 		-=> The Clan 
Pavement 		-=> Gravel 
Primus 			-=> Primer 
U2 			-=> Me Too?  
Weezer			-=> Weezer

**  Comedian Adam Dread is a regular contributor to Bone Music Magazine.  **

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