IJMC The Boy And The Brothel

		    IJMC - The Boy And The Brothel

Oh boy, I think I'm gonna be real nice to frogs from now on, yesiree!
P.S. To the guy with the morning radio show in Washington D.C., lemme 
know when you're on and what station, I'll be passing through in a few weeks.

     A 13 year old boy walked into a brothel, dragging a dead frog on a 
     piece of string. he walked up to the madam and said, "Give me your 
     dirtiest woman." The madam said, "You're way too young, and besides we 
     dont have any dirty women."
     With that the young fella produced two hundred dollars and again 
     repeated his request for the dirtiest woman of the house.
     The madam again denied having any dirty women in the house.
     The young fella produced a further two hundred dollars and said that 
     if his request was not met, that he would take his money elsewhere.
     The madam finally met with his request and the young fella dragged his 
     dead frog upstairs to spend his time with the dirtiest woman of the 
     Eventually the young fella emerged, dragging his dead frog down the 
     The madam accepted his money and enquired, "Why did you request our 
     dirtiest woman?"
     "Well," replied the young man, "when I get home I'm gonna screw the 
     babysitter, and then when Dad gets home, he'll drive the babysitter 
     home and screw her on the way. When Dad gets home, he'll screw Mum, 
     and then in the morning, Mum will screw the milkman, AND HE'S THE 

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