IJMC I'm Glad I'm A Man

			IJMC - I'm Glad I'm A Man

What is the line, "ask and ye shall receive?" Well, here we have it, a 
counter to the "I'm Glad I'm A Woman" from a few nights ago...enjoy! -dave

 I'm glad I'm a man, yes I am, I'm no dope
 I don't live off of Oprah, Lubriderm, and Soaps
 I don't brag to my buddies about being a slut
 I don't have to worry about gaining mass in my butt
 I don't hang all over men like a kitten or pup
 And I know how to put the damned toiled seat up!
 I won't give you looks I won't call you a prick
 the original author should be smacked with a stick
 And I don't go around rubbing my thighs
 Or bitching about problems or rolling my eyes
 I don't go to the mall in search of that "find"
 I'm a man, you see, I'm just not that kind!
 I'm glad I don't cramp in the midst of the night
 I'm relieved I've never been in a cat fight
 Women may talk of superior stuff
 But until they stop trying to be guys, it's just guff!
 I may be a man but I'm honest and true
 Not a subversive wench who cares nothing for you

 Whatever your gender get over your hangups
 all of this bitching's given me the hick-ups...
 (hic) the hick-ups...
 (hic) the hick-ups...


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